Assignment 1.3. Interactions in social media learning environments

  • Build groups of 4 people.
  • Given your experience of using social media in your private life, elaborate how typical social media interactions (“liking”, etc.) can be used in education setting and how community interaction can be fostered (specific activities, incentives, etc.)
  • Note your key findings, share them with the entire class, and develop a list of promising interactions to be applied on an open learning online platform.

Reflection questions

  • Given the framework of open learning, why is it important to encourage interaction?
  • What are your experiences with social media applications in learning?

Further readings

Bogdanov, Evgeny; Limpens, Freddy; Li, Na; El Helou, Sandy; Salzmann, Christophe; Gillet, Denis “A social media platform in higher education” Global engineering education conference (educon) (2012) [interesting report about an EU-funded project dealing with a social media platform for learning]

Deng, Liping; Tavares, Nicole Judith "From Moodle to Facebook: Exploring students' motivation and experiences in online communities." Computers & Education 68 (2013): 167-176.

Smith, G. "Social software building blocks." URL: http://nform. ca/publications/social-software-building-block [accessed 2017-02-28] (2007). [good overview of the components of social media] [Great overview on how to foster online activities]