Assignment 3.2. Preparing a learning plan

Preparing mentored or self-learning plan for learners of your course

There is a difference if an non-formal open learning course is designed for self-learning (learning mostly indindividually) or mentored learning (in a group). Decide if your course is to be prepared only for self-learning, or for learning with a teacher/mentor (including individual and/or group activities/assignments). Using the suggested templates for organizing self-learning or mentored learning prepare a course learning plan for potential your course learners.

(See below for the templates)

Reflection questions – if the learning plan includes:

1.     Course title and aim

2.     Teacher presentation and possible contacts (also noting when/ how often teacher should be contacted)

3.     Course learning outcomes

4.     Dates and time for synchronous meetings (if they are not planned, it also should be noted)

5.     Link to and requirements for participation in synchronous meetings

6.     Deadlines for assignments/activities

7.     Evaluation strategy and criteria for assessing assignments/activities