Assignment 3.3. Course teasers

Preparing course teasers to attract the possible learners

The aim of the Assignment is to prepare some teasers to attract the possible learners of your course, to be used for marketing the open non-formal course.

To attract adult learners to your courses, the course has to have an attractive and clear name or something that attracts and teases learners to get enrolled at the course. Learners won’t be interested in the course if it is presented in a very sophisticated manner and using too difficult words or strictly academic style. You are the expert of the field your course is focused on and you may sometimes use the language that is too complicated for others to understand.

Reflect on your course topics or ideas from your course that may be related to some up to date issues or facts that could raise interest for others. Write them down.

Then write 3-4 (or more) questions for your future learners from your course as the teasers to attract them. Try making the links with up to date issues or some practical application of what you teach or some interesting facts that the course relates to and try making questions from them. Do not reveal the answers in formulating the questions.

Make groups of 3-4 persons and discuss the prepared questions. Are they attractive for other people in your group? Have the questions got a clear topic or issue? Do they sound as a teaser for attending the course? If not, maybe group members can help you in making these questions sound more as a teaser for the course.

Expected result: at least 3-4 teasers for course marketing are prepared from each course.

Reflection questions

Are the provided teasers interesting for learners?

Are they related to learning content? Are these topics elaborated in the learning content?

Are they formulated in a clear way? Aren’t they too sophisticated?