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The project will
  • create an online platform for non-formal open learning curriculum development with learning validation and recognition instruments in place (learner credentials, digital badges, learning path recognition and assessment tools)
  • develop training materials for teachers and trainers in (C-)VET, HE, companies and adult learning organizations on
    • designing non-formal open learning curriculum 
    • application of digital badges for credentialisation of the learning path
    • recognition of non-formal open learning in formal curricula
  • organise a short term joint staff training event
  • develop 5 non-formal open learning CPD courses and a case scenario collection on recognition of validated non-formal open learning

Events from the recent past

Partner meeting
Seville, Spain – 3-4 October 2017

ReOPEN project partners gathered in Seville (Spain) to talk about project  goals achieved and challenges in further implementation of the project. Partners disscussed the development of CPD courses, ICT platform, short – term staff training event progress, learning agreement, quality assurance and other topics.

The meeting guest, Andreia Inamorato dos Santos from European Commission JRC, participated in the discussions and gave very important overview on non-formal and open learning issues addressed at European education policy level and JRC activities.

Short-term joint staff training event
Seville, Spain – 2-6 October, 2017

Staff from consortium institutions have been trained on how to design non-formal open learning curriculum, apply digital badges and prepare for recognition of open learning in formal education settings. Group work embedded in each training session helped the perticipants in putting their newly acquired knowledge into practice.

Questions of learner identity in ICT platform, learning progress tracking were also dealt with. To help designing the targetted 5 CPD courses, a session discussed how to design a curriculum according to course concept in ICT platform: the course structure, course description, learning plan, learning outcomes, activities, quizzes.

Access the training material
Non-formal open learning curriculum designing
Application of digital badges
Recognition of non-formal open learning results in formal curricular

Multiplier event “Open Studies for Open Society”
Kaunas, Lithuania – 9 November, 2017

ReOPEN multiplier event “Open Studies for Open Society” took place at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania, on November 9th 2017. Teachers and trainers from higher education, VET, schools and companies took part in the workshop – type of event, where they were introduced with ReOPEN training material and project idea, and then invited to draft non-formal open learning course concept, reflect on the applicability possibilities and challenges of digital badges, as well as plan recognition of non-formal open learning in formal curricular.

MOONLIGHT project solutions have been presented by Alastair Creelman from Linneus university in Sweden.

Agenda and more detailed description

Multiplier event „Role of Open Badges in open non-formal learning“,
Zagreb, Croatia – 8 December, 2017

This Multiplier event was embedded as a workshop in the Peer learning Activity organized by EC ET2020 Working Group on Digital Skills and Competencies, hosted by the University Computing Centre SRCE.  Participants of the workshop were representatives of public authorities and higher education institutions (HEIs) from 20 countries as well as the European Commission, EUNIS and the European Distance and E-Learning Network, EDEN. 

The workshop introduced the participants to the ReOPEN project (idea and training material), the issues of open non-formal learning. Importance and accessibility were discussed and digital badges (concept, implementation and development) were presented. 

The WG members from all member states were involved and had a possibility to further get involved into the development of open and non-formal learning services in their countries, institutions, as well as to feedback on ReOPEN solutions.

Participants actively participated in discussions on the topic of recognition of non-formal learning, in drafting possible scenarios for implementing digital badges in non-formal online environment and at the end reflected on the applicability of digital badges and their potential in recognising non-formal open learning.

Agenda of the event

Upcoming events

Multiplier event „Development and Recognition of high-quality non-formal online learning materials“
Zagreb, Croatia  – 30 January 2018

New Multiplier event is going to be organized by the University Computing Centre SRCE. The event is aimed at educators, teachers in primary and secondary schools and higher education institutions. This workshop-style multiplier event will cover the following topics: development of open online learning materials, application of digital badges and recognition of non-formal open learning.

At the beginning of the workshop the ReOPEN project idea and goals will be presented as well as the already developed training materials. The possible impact of the project on the Croatian education will be discussed. Participants will participate during the workshop in group work and contribute to discussions reaching for some joint conclusions on the topic of non-formal online learning. The language of the workshop will be Croatian.

Agenda of the event in Croatian
Partner meeting,
Zagreb, Croatia – 20 February 2018

The next ReOPEN partner meeting will be held in Zagreb, at the University Computing Centre of SRCE. The partners will give an overview on the state of the accomplishment of the project activities and an account on the goals achieved, as well as the challenges encountered since the last meeting in Seville. The agenda of the meeting is under preparation.

The report on the partner meeting will be part of the next newsletter.

ReOpen in the news

New and very important reports have been issued by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre as the final outcome of intense research into open education policies involving many stakeholders, particularly ministries of education, research and science across Europe.

The ReOPEN project is mentioned in Going Open EC JRC report as an example of a coalition needed to create open education in Europe - for details please see page 19. We should continue working more closely and openly together in education institutions creating realistic and valid possibilities for Valid Open Learning. Motivating, inspiring and rewarding work!

Project number 2016-1-LT01-KA202-023131
The project has been co-funded by the European Commission. This publication reflects only the views of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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