2nd meeting in Frankfurt, Germany.

2nd meeting in Frankfurt, Germany.

ReOPEN 2nd transnational project meeting will take place in Frankfurt, Germany
April 25-26th, 2017

Kick-off meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Kick-off meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania.

ReOPEN kick-off meeting took place at Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania
November 9-10th, 2016

ICT Platform

For non-formal open learning curriculum development with learning validation and recognition instruments in place (learner credentials, digital badges, learning path recognition and assessment tools).

Training material

To train T&TT at C-VET organizations, companies, HE institutions and adult learning organizations to design validated non-formal open learning curriculum, apply digital badges, recognize learning results.


To establish partnership for future collaboration for non-formal open learning recognition. Reviewing curriculum in partner institutions and preparing information on potential recognition of open learning.


ReOPEN project addresses one of the key innovations in education – Opening Up. Opening of education is the challenge for organizations in terms of organizational change, curriculum opening up (through open educational resources, through Massive open online courses or through open collaboration and communication among teachers and learners), but also in terms of opening and creating innovative education services for diverse learning groups. ReOPEN project addresses the issues of recognition and validation of non-formal open learning. The project will create innovative non-formal open learning examples and cases, as well as valid non-formal learning infrastructures to design and create open and innovative education for C-VET, lifelong learning and higher education organizations, as well as companies who will be consortium partners and also members of international networks.
European Commission JRC policy report on “Promoting effective digital – age learning” (2015) provides the framework for a digitally competent organization. The framework includes the requirement for each digitally competent organization to develop physical and virtual learning space for digital content and open curriculum with integrated informal and non-formal learning recognition instruments (to recognise and accredit prior, experiential and open learning (2015, p. 19).  ReOPEN project will directly address this recommendation and will establish the open ICT platform for designing open learning curriculum, thus open and innovative education, training and youth, embedded in the digital era.

Also, ReOPEN project addresses the priority of transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications to facilitate learning and employability. Department of Business Innovation and Skills report (2013) calls for the instruments to prove education providers and employer organizations that open and online learning is not a second – rate form of education and to establish instruments for validation of learner identity and valid assessment forms. However, with the advent of open learning credibility of prior learning in non-formal open learning experiences was questioned more and more often. ReOPEN project will follow research recommendations on establishment of valid and credible systems and instruments to create validated non-formal online open learning curriculum that will meet the requirements of recognition practices. This way ReOPEN project will establish open learning transparency through learner credentials, recognition tools and will facilitate recognition of skills and qualifications gained through non-formal open learning experiences.
ReOPEN project directly aims to develop validated non-formal open learning practices ensuring transparent recognition of skills, qualifications and competences by education providers and employer organizations, to facilitate learning, recognition, employability and recognition. Training material will be targeted at open learning designers – teachers and trainers first of all – to enable them to apply instruments of skills and competence recognition and apply learning result recognition in formal learning and employers organizations.

Finally, open learning does enhance access to training and qualifications for all. The aim of ReOPEN project is to contribute to recognition of prior and non-formal learning through development of validated non-formal open learning practices for C-VET, lifelong learning and higher education curricular through designing the platform for non-formal open learning for all these target groups, by training teachers and trainers on how to design validated open learning  and how to recognise open learning results through validated solutions to enhance access to qualifications.