About the project

Project aim and objectives

ReOPEN project aims to create instruments to develop validated OOL for recognition of prior and non-formal learning.
The aim will be reached through the following objectives:

  1. To design a platform for non-formal open learning curriculum (e.g. MOOC) development with learning validation and recognition instruments in place (learner credentials, digital badges, learning path recognition and assessment tools).
  2. To train T&TT at C-VET organizations, companies, HE institutions and adult learning organizations to:
    1. design validated non-formal open learning curriculum (e.g. MOOC or other)
    2. apply of digital badges as a new form of digital credentialisation and tracking one’s learning path in non-formal open learning
    3. recognize non-formal open learning results in formal curricular.
  3. To exploit the new platform and to design non-formal open learning courses for continuous professional staff developing applying learning recognition instruments for validated non-formal open learning
  4. To establish partnership for future collaboration for non-formal open learning recognition (reviewing curriculum in partner institutions and preparing information on potential recognition of open learning).
    OOL practices embedded in digital era will contribute to OOL recognition, open and innovative pedagogy, transparency and recognition of skills and access to qualifications for C-VET.

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