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Events from the recent past

“Development and Recognition of high-quality non-formal online learning materials”
Zagreb, Croatia, 27 April 2018

In April SRCE organized one more workshop titled “Development and Recognition of high-quality non-formal online learning materials” (Izrada i vrednovanje kvalitetnih neformalnih online obrazovnih sadržaja). The workshop was held on the 27 April 2018 at SRCE (in Croatian). There were 17 participants (educators) coming from higher education and vocational and adult education.

The workshop covered the topics of development of open online learning materials, application of digital badges and recognition of non-formal open learning. At the beginning of the workshop the ReOPEN project and its goals were presented as well as the training materials and courses developed. During the workshop it was discussed what impact this project can potentially bring to the Croatian society and education. Participants also engaged in group work reaching some joint conclusions on the topic of non-formal online learning. For the successful completion of the workshop participants were awarded with digital badges.

Agenda of the event (in Croatian)

Presentation of the ReOpen project by the VMU team in the 
"What impact does your project have? - Dissemination, sustainability and impact in Erasmus+ strategic partnerships” DAAD Seminar
Bonn, Germany, 16-17 May 2018

On 16-17 May, 2018 the German national agency for HE (DAAD) organized the transnational cooperation activity seminar “Dissemination, sustainability and impact in Erasmus+ strategic partnerships” in Bonn, Germany. Effective project dissemination, sustainability of project results, and their impact were the focus of the event. The participants were project coordinators from EU Erasmus+ projects and representatives from EU national agencies, who had the opportunity for cooperation and discussions on different issues related to project management, sharing of good practices and making relations for future projects.

Estela Daukšienė representing the VMU coordinated projects had a possibility

there to share experiences and good practices from the VMU Innovative Studies Institute projects.

The “ReOPEN: Recognition of valid and open learning” project and its results were presented there: platform for open online courses, training materials on open non-formal course design and recognition, and open courses.

Apart from presentations of projects and different useful tools, seminar participants had the possibility to participate in innovative “fish-bowl” discussions on dissemination, sustainability or impact. The key presentation of presented useful tools are available at the conference website's documentation section.

Presentation of the ReOpen project results in the EDEN 2018 Annual Conference
Genoa, Italy, 17-20 June 2018

The Conference was held in the Albergo dei Poveri building, University of Genoa. Airina Volungeviciene,  Sandra Kucina Softic, and Ferenc Tatrai jointly presented the ReOPen project concept and its solution to the problem of recognition of valid open and online learning in a well populated parallel session with over 40 participant. The problem of validation and recognition of non-formal open learning was also discussed in a workshop of the conference entitled  „MicroCredentialing in Higher Education: a (R)evolution in European Higher Education”.

Conference programme

Partner meeting,Campus of ESCP Europe
Berlin, Germany, 26 June 2018

The ReOPEN partner meeting was hosted by ESCP Europe. A. Volungeviciene (VMU) presented (via videoconference) the overall project progress.

The partners (SRCE, VMU, ESCP, ONECO, EDEN) discussed the development, reviewing and piloting of 5 non-formal open learning CPD courses, their pilot results and feedback, namely :

It was followed by presentations of the case – scenarios on recognition of validated non-formal open learning courses. (For the completed ones see SRCE case, VMU case, ESCP case). EDEN presented its case-scenario collection progress via videoconferencing. ONECO also reported its progress.  F. Tatrai (EDEN) presented the project dissemination. S. Reyes (ONECO) presented quality assurance and evaluation monitoring of the project.

Final deadlines of all activities were set.

Agenda of the event

Upcoming events

Multiplication event to be organised by ESCP Europe
30 August 2018, Berlin-Charlottenburg campus

ESCP Europe Berlin invites interested teachers, trainers, and other stakeholders to learn about the ReOPEN project. After briefly introducing the ideas and theoretical aspects of ReOPEN, the focus will be placed on its actual use for practitioners. The event is in German language and scheduled for 30 August, 2018."

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