Digital Skills

Introduction to Digital Skills

The impact of digital technologies on every individual in almost every context (work, learning, private, …) leads to new required skills for coping with these developments. In this course we introduce the concept of digital skills, which comprises aspects such as information, social media, and creative skills in an increasingly digitized world. We aim at making students familiar with the topic of digital skills, including the important pillars relevance, assessment, and improvement options.

Main topics:

  • Introduction: requirements of the digital age
  • Digital skills, digital competences


Key question:

  • What are digital skills and what is the difference to related constructs (like digital competences)?
  • How to measure digital skills?
  • What is my own digital skills level and how can I improve it?


Learning outcomes / competences:

  • Participants understand the importance of digital skills in today’s world
  • Participants learn how digital skills can be measured (including challenges and limitations related to different measurement approaches)
  • Participants reflect their own set of digital skills
  • Based on previous point, participants develop strategies to improve their digital skills

Course start time:

  • 2018-04-17

Course duration:

  • 3 weeks


  • 25 academic hours (1 ECTS)

Course language:

  • English

Course level:

  • Beginner


  • None

Target group:

  • Bachelor and Master students

Recognition of competences:

  • Digital badge, digital certificate recognized in Course creator organization

Prof. Dr. Markus Bick

Professor of Business Information Systems and acting Academic Dean for the Bachelor in Management (BiM) programme at ESCP Europe, Berlin campus

He earned a Diploma (M.Sc. equivalent) in business information systems from the University of Essen and a Doctorate Degree in Economics from the University of Duisburg-Essen. Professor Bick lectures the Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. and MBA programmes at the School, and heads the Knowledge Management course component of the Master (M.Sc.) in Virtual Education in Business Information Systems (VAWi) at Bamberg University and Duisburg-Essen University. In addition, Markus Bick lectures at a variety of European universities, such as the University of Jyväskylä or the Freie Universität Bozen.

His main research interests and activities are related to knowledge management, social software, mobile services, cloud computing and technology enhanced learning. In this fields he is author of many scientific articles, several books as well as business-oriented studies. Markus Bick is currently involved in the German Informatics Society (GI e.V.) special interest group “Mobility and Mobile Information Systems” as an elected member of the SIG’s steering committee.

Professor Bick organises conferences and conference tracks. His track on ‘Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management’ has been part for over three years of the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), the largest and most important conference in this field.

Matthias Murawski

Research Assistant and Doctoral Student in the Department of Business Information Systems at the ESCP Europe Business School Berlin

After his studies of Economics at University of Kiel (2003-2008), worked for more than four years in industry (banking and start-up). He returned to academia in 2012 and received an MBA&E degree in 2014, before he started at ESCP Europe.

His research interests are related to digital competences, digital strategy, and innovative learning formats. Matthias Murawski regularly contributes to high-quality academic journals and conferences in these fields.

Claas Wenzlik

Claas Wenzlik

Regular project manager at ESCP Europe and an affiliate lecturer in the Master and Bachelor programmes at the Berlin campus

He also lectures at other business schools, and manages the Knowledge Management course of the Master (M.Sc.) in Virtual Education in Business Information Systems (VAWi) at Bamberg University and Duisburg-Essen University. His lectures and research activities are related to digitization, managing complexity, knowledge management, and technology enhanced learning. Currently, he leads a research project with students about digitization and cultural change. Furthermore, he works as a management consultant in the field of strategy development, change management, and organizational learning for more than 15 years. He designed and implemented several learning programmes for major companies from diverse industries. Recently, he was involved as project manager in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on digital transformation for a globally leading telecommunications company with 100 participating teams worldwide. Claas Wenzlik earned a Master in Organizational Psychology from the University of Hagen and a Diploma in business information systems from the University of Essen.

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