ReOPEN Multiplier event „Role of Open Badges in open non-formal learning“ took place at University Computing Centre SRCE, Zagreb, Croatia. This Multiplier event was organized in form of workshop within the Peer learning Activity organized by EC ET2020 Working Group on Digital Skills and Competencies and hosted by University Computing Centre SRCE.  Participants of workshop were representatives of public authorities and higher education institutions (HEIs) from 20 countries as well as the European Commission, EUNIS and the European Distance and E-Learning Network, EDEN.  The workshop introduced the participants to the ReOPEN project (idea and training material), the issue of open non-formal learning and its importance and accessibility was discussed and then presented the digital badges (concept, implementation and development). Participants actively participated in workshop in discussions on the topic of recognition of non-formal learning, in drafting the possible scenario for implementation of digital badges in non-formal online environment and at the end reflected on the applicability of digital badges and their possibility to serve in recognition of non-formal open learning. Workshop was held in English language.

Agenda of the event is available at: